TV series - Cosgrove Hall for BBC Worldwide - 1992/94

The animated series based on Enid Blyton's perennial stories have become a TV classic. Great care was taken to ensure that the puppets retained the charm of the original illustrations.


26 x 5 mins animated series

Following on in the footsteps of Otmar Guttmann's original series of Pingu, HOT Animation produce a brand new series of the charming stories of the naughty penguin and his family and friends. New sets, puppets, scripts and music pay fond homage to Otmar's original creation. Set in a completely snowy world where anything can happen, Pingu has endless comic adventures of play and discovery.


Between 2000 and 2011, we produced a popular campaign of TV commercials, print and online advertising with director Derek Mogford for Procter & Gamble's Puffs Tissues through Publicis, New York. The first two ads won Mobius awards.

Quest for Camelot

Ruber, Kayley, Garret - Quest for Camelot – Reference Models

Mackinnon & Saunders were asked to create 3D versions of the drawn designs for the Warner Brothers animated adventure ‘Quest for Camelot’ as reference for the animators. Initially sculpted in plasticine, the models were then cast in resin and duplicated for distribution around the studio.


Barry Purves / Bare Boards Productions / SC4 / BBC 1993.

Rigoletto, the pimp for the Duke of Milan, tries in vain to keep his daughter from the debauchery of the corrupt court.

Awards include :
Cartoon D'Or, Finland, Nominated 1994
Treviso, Italy, Mr Linea Prize for Technical Achievement, 1994
Ottawa -Special Prize, 1994
Chicago International Film Festival, Silver Plaque Award, 1994
Esphino, Cinanima, Honourable Mention, 1994
Ankara, Honourable Mention, 1994
Hiroshima, Selected for Best of the World, 1994



Short film - Directed and animated by Paul Berry.

Batty Berry Mackinnon - 1992

A chilling interpretation of an old European folktale. This Oscar-nominated short film was conceived, designed and produced by Colin Batty, Paul Berry and Ian Mackinnon. It has won awards at Festivals in Hiroshima, Annecy, Stuttgart, Ottawa and Espinho.

The Koala Brothers

The Koala Brothers is a stop frame model animation series aimed at a pre-school audience. The series is set in the Australian outback and follows the adventures of two koalas, Frank and Buster, whose mission in life is to help others. From their homestead in the middle of the outback they fly out on daily patrol in their yellow aeroplane looking for anyone who might need their help.

A cast of regular characters who make up the local community in the Outback join Frank and Buster in their adventures: There's Ned, the little wombat, who acts as ground crew for the team; Mitzi, a feisty little girl possum who's always out fo adventure; George, the turtle postman, who loves delivering the post but worries about being too slow; Archie, the sports-loving crocodile; Penny, the little penguin, a backpacker who travels the Outback and speaks in her own language; there's Alice, an absent minded platypus who rides a bright green scooter; Sammy, an echidna who runs the General Store in town; Josie, a shy little joey who looks after the Petrol Pump; and Lolly, the emu who serves up the best ice-cream in the Outbac

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

© Universal Studios / Tiger Aspect 2005

The fictional world of Royston Vasey is familiar to the countless fans of award-winning TV comedy series The League of Gentlemen . But something has gone disastrously wrong in the nightmarish town as a series of dark omens appear foretelling its doom. Royston Vasey is facing apocalypse and the locals realise that the only way to avert disaster is for a small rescue party to find a way into the real world...

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