Lavender Castle

Gerry Anderson / Carrington Productions / Cosgrove Hall Films 1998.

Working from fabulous designs by illustrator Rodney Matthews, Mackinnon & Saunders made a weird array of creatures for this action adventure series. It was written and produced by Gerry Anderson and combined model animation with computer generated animation and effects.

Little Robots

Little Robots is an electrifying new animated series for older pre-schoolers, based on the book by Mike Brownlow. Little Robots also features some of the world’s most popular comedy voices including Lenny Henry, Martin Clunes and Emma Chambers. Tiny and his Little Robot friends are pioneers, builders and architects of a brand new world. Finding themselves abandoned on a metal scrap heap, they turn junk into a magical world - a metal dome with a sun, moon, trees and homes - all created using their skills, vision and imagination.

"Little Robots” TM & Copyright: Create TV & Film Ltd 2004

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