Bill and Ben

Produced by Cosgrove Hall for the BBC.

At the bottom of a garden, in two large flowerpots, live BILL and BEN, who are lively, mischievous and playfully, good-natured characters made from .... flowerpots!

Always together, they have fun, play tricks and create well-meaning mayhem everywhere in the garden, helped and hindered by their many friends, chief of which is their wise advisor, WEED, who has grown between their flowerpot homes.

Brisk Tea

Production company Loose Moose said : "All our puppets are hand-made. For the Brisk campaign, they were made by manikin moguls Mackinnon and Saunders The process starts with a bespoke metal skeleton frame, which is coated in foam rubber and then latex before being painted. The designs feature fingers with knuckles and adjustable eyebrows, so they can be very expressive.

Another reason for the success of the series is the use of real celebrity voices, with stars such as James Brown, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone helping out. Unfortunately, actors - approved by their respective estates - had to do Elvis and Bruce Lee".

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