Engie Benjy

Engie Benjy... is a brightly coloured, simply styled and fantastical vehicle show for very young children, using model animation.
It is a series of entertaining, simple and impossible stories, set in and around an imaginative and unrealistic garage, where Engie Benjy, Dan the Van and Jollop the dog – all live, work and play together. In the course of each story, Engie Benjy, Dan and Jollop rescue, problem-solve and usually save the day for Dan’s vehicle friends and their endearing, childlike ‘owners’.

Spaceship, Plane, Bus, Boat, Bike and Tractor, all need to call on the rescue team at some time or other, usually to get them out of some scrape or adventure into which they or their owners have stumbled.

This is a world in which anything can happen. Where planes go out to play, woodland trees take off into the sky, and double-decker buses need holidays. What can and cannot happen in the world of Engie Benjy, Dan the Van and Jollop, is bounded only by the limits of a small child’s virtually limitless imagination.