Hamilton Mattress

Sludger the aardvark is a critter with rhythm in his veins and Feldwick C Hackenbush caterpillar is keen to get him on the ladder to stardom. Feldwick takes Sludger from his home in the Outback to the in-crowd of Beak City, whereupon he helps him find a better name - something more star-friendly than Sludger. So he takes his moniker from the ad-line on a giant billboard, and Hamilton Mattress is born. Feldwick inveigles Hamilton into the ultra-hip Africa Club, where he earns himself employment as a Drummer Extraordinaire and after various shenanigans with the rough-beaked club owner and his snooty clientele, Hamilton finds his star well and truly in ascendance...

2001 - Harvest Films / BBC / Egmont & Entertainment Rights.

Awards include :
British Animation Awards, Best TV Special, March 2002 Zoie Film Festival, USA, Best Animation, March 2002
New Festival, Nova Scotia, Best Animation, April 2002
Grand Prix, Annecy, June 2002
BANFF, TV Special, Nomination, Canada, June 2002
Florida Film Festival, Audience Prize for International Short, June 2002
Altanta Film festival, Best Animation, June 2002
Krok, Russia, Diploma of Honour, September 2002
Rio, Audience 2nd Prize, August 2002
Sao Paulo, Audience 3rd Prize, August 2002
Florida, Marco Island, Best Animation, October 2002
Chicago, Children's Film Festival, Best Animation (Children's Jury), November 2002
Madrid, Animadrid, First Prize, December 2002