Poles Apart

Poles Apart is a 12-minute Stop-Motion animation film set in a melting Arctic landscape. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a hungry Polar bear, Nanuk, and an enthusiastic Grizzly bear, Aklak.

Paloma Baeza, Writer/Director

Ser En Low, Producer

Jon Muschamp, Cinematographer

Paula Gimenez, Production Designer

Zsofia Talas, Editor

Morgan Muse, Sound Designer

Hollie Buhagiar, Composer

Joseph May, Aklak

Helena Bonham Carter, Nanuk

Gillian Simpson, Lead Compositor

Ollie Brummell, CG Supervisor

Shivani Shah, CG Supervisor

Alex Davis, Colourist

Nuria Bataller, Animator

Alex Crowley, Animator

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 – McClaren Award for New British Animation


Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017 – First Prize Best Short Animation (joint winner with “The Full Story”)


ASIFA Hollywood 45th Annie Awards 2018 – Best Student Film


BAFTA Awards 2018 – Best Short Animated Film

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