Moon and Me

We provided the stop motion elements for the 2019 CBeebies series Moon and Me. This extraordinary show combines live action puppetry shot in Atlanta, Georgia and stop motion animation produced by our Altrincham studio team.

Developing the Moon Baby puppet was quite a challenge for the puppet workshop, not least because his head and his hairpiece needed to be able to light up! This was our first internally lit puppet and it needed extensive R&D to achieve the desired effect.

Our ZBrush guru Glen Southern helped us with Moon Baby’s replacement heads, which were printed by 3D Print Bureau in Stoke.

The internal unit which locates the head to the neck and houses the LEDs which make the head and hairpiece glow was printed on our in-house Form 2 printer.

Created, directed and written by Andrew Davenport

M&S Crew

  • Alicia Canovas Verdu
    Amanda Thomas
    Amy Wilkinson
    Andy Burns
    Andy Bell
  • Anna Pearson
    Anthony Fallows
    Barry Purves
    Beth Jupe
    Bethan Jones
  • Cherie Taylor
    Chris Bowden
    Dan Beckett
    Dan de Giovanni
    Diane Dwyer
  • Ellie Mann
    Frankie Tonge
    Glen Southern
    Graeme Hall
    Haydn Secker
  • Ian Karim
    Ian Mackinnon
    Jason Ling
    John Duffy
    John McGuinness
  • John Turnbull
    Julia McLean
    Justin Noe
    Karen Farrell
    Kate Arthur
  • Kevin Scillitoe
    Mark Thompson
    Naomi Sharpe
    Neil Sutcliffe
    Noel Estevez Baker
  • Pat Brennan
    Paul Couvela
    Paul Davies
    Paul Flannery
    Pauline Kenny
  • Peter Saunders
    Rebecca Smith
    Richard Pickersgill
    Richard Sykes
    Robbie Manning
  • Rob Hazeldene
    Rosetta Cassini
    Russell Hicks
    Ruth Rose
    Saeed Ahmed
  • Sam Turner
    Sara Mullock
    Sasha Dickson
    Simon White
    Stephanie Bolduc
  • Steve Boot
    Steve Levinshon
    Takashi Tateoka
    Tim Collings
    Zsofia Juhasz