Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Netflix Original Series 'Rilakkuma and Kaoru' © San-X

Starring Lana Condor, Rilakkuma and Kaoru is the story of a soft toy bear and his human roommate Kaoru, and the short but sweet time they spend together. Streaming only on Netflix April 19th, follow @NXonNetflix ( to see more! Watch Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix :

Mackinnon and Saunders Crew

Workshop Supervisor

Kevin Scillitoe

Puppet Makers

Alicia Canovas Verdu

Amanda Thomas

Amy Wilkinson

Andy Bell

Beth Jupe Davies

Bethan Jones

Carrie Clarke

Diane Dwyer

Frankie Tonge

Graeme Hall

Junko Negishi

Kate Arthur

Mark Thompson

Neil Sutcliffe

Noel Estevez Baker

Paul Davies

Rebecca Smith

Richard Pickersgill

Robbie Manning

Ruth Rose

Stephanie Bolduc

Takashi Tateoka

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